Pet of the Month

We would like to thank everyone for their participation in our Pet of the Month contest. Over the past four years we have enjoyed receiving all the photos and biographies of nominated pets. Unfortunately, due to the lack of entries we are temporally discontinuing our Pet of the Month contest.We are still accepting new entries and once we have enough entries we will continue the Pet of the Month contest. In the mean time if you have a pet that you would like to nominate, please send a photo and brief biography to 


Pet of the Month winners

March 2015 -February 2016




March 2015 

Furby Wheeler 


furby wheeler 2.jpeg?1428423885962


June 2015

MJ Rever

MJ 1.jpg?1433267008576

September 2015 

Jackson Taylor

jack 2.JPG?1447444047230

December 2015

Jordi Wilkinson




April 2015 

Buddy Barr 


buddy barr2.JPG?1428585994780


July 2015

Smokey Mooney

smokey mooney.JPG?1438368440005

October 2015

Prim Schenecker

Prim 3.jpg?1447444048988

               January 2016

           Gracie Polsgrove

Gracie Polsgrove 1.png?1452185419104



  May 2015 

Josie & Jewel Smith


Jewell and Josie Smith.JPG?1431619842710


 August 2015 

Tika Jensen 

Tika jensen 2.JPG?1447444049044


November 2015 

Dorothy Scott

February 2016 


Macie Joy Johnston