Pet of the Month


November 2015

Dorothy Scott

  Dorothy was found by me and my husband on the boulevard going to the South end on December 12, 2007. 


My husband saw

 a cat carrier off the side of the road.  We stopped and found two little black puppies in it.


 At the 

time we didn't have any dogs, just 2 cats.  We took them in and nursed them back to health.

 They have been a major part of our family ever since.  Dorothy and Sebastian are the best dogs anyone could ask for.

Amy Scott





Pet of the Month winners

March 2015 -February 2016





March 2015


Furby Wheeler




furby wheeler 2.jpeg?1428423885962



June 2015

MJ Rever

MJ 1.jpg?1433267008576

September 2015 

Jackson Taylor

jack 2.JPG?1447444047230



April 2015


Buddy Barr




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July 2015

Smokey Mooney

smokey mooney.JPG?1438368440005

October 2015

Prim Schenecker

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 May 2015


Josie & Jewel Smith




Jewell and Josie Smith.JPG?1431619842710



August 2015

Tika Jensen

Tika jensen 2.JPG?1447444049044