2015 -2016 Pet of the Month Winners




My name is Furby (a.k.a. Baby Boy) Wheeler and I'm a 4.5 lbs. Maltese.  I was born September 22, 2012 in Hamilton, MO.  Which makes me now 2 1/2 years old. Here's my story:  When my Mommy and Daddy (Shawna & Everett) got married September 2, 2012 they decided they would get a fur baby to have as their own together.  I was the lucky one to be chosen that day December 15, 2012 when Mommy and Daddy drove all the way to Hamilton, MO to pick out a fur baby.  I was very small and shy, but they say I melted their hearts the moment they laid eyes on me.  It was extremely cold that day outside, so Daddy put me up against his chest and zipped his coat up to keep us both warm.  Once we got to the car Mommy wrapped me up and cuddled me all the way back to my new home.  I soon learned I would have 2 Brothers, 3 Sisters and 1 niece that were like Mommy and Daddy because they had 2 legs unlike me with 4 legs. BOL (Bark out loud)  I get very excited when any of them come back home to visit.  I start barking and jumping on them, so I can get all of their attention.  I was even included in the family photo because I'm one of the kids of course! 

 I love to cuddle with my Mommy and wherever she is you will find me.  I get a little bit of what they call separation anxiety when she's not within paw reach.  Now when Daddy is home I like to cuddle with him.  Daddy works a lot, so I miss him and I have to have my Daddy time.  I look forward to going to bed at night when Daddy is home because we have this game we play.  I jump on the bed and bark at him and he chases after me with his hand under the covers.  This goes on until Daddy says "Okay, Furbs time for bed," so then I find my warm spot to cuddle for the night.  I have two favorite activities I enjoy very much.  One is going bye bye.  If Mommy or Daddy ask if I want to go bye bye I start jumping around with excitement.  The second one is by far my very favorite thing to do and it's to go visit Papa, Grandma and Miss Beasley (their fur baby like me).  Papa likes to spoil me with lots of treats and loves me, so he ranks right up there with my Mommy and Daddy!  I sometimes get to spend the night at their house, so I get to cuddle with Papa and follow him around like I do my Mommy.  I'm always ready though for my Mommy to come back and pick me up, so I can have her all to myself again.  I love my life and I know I'm loved very much!!