2014 -2015 Pet of the Month Winners



September 2014

Sophie Yoho

Sophie is a Bichon/Shih Tzu mix. Her hair is soft like a Shih Tzu, Yet curly like a Bichon.  Best of all she dose shed.Sophie is very intelligent, sweet and well behave dog. She even knows that before you enter the house you are suppose to wipe your feet and she does. Sophie's favorite past time is chasing squirrels. She also enjoys eating the hickory nuts in our yard.  Sophie has definitely brought joy to our house hold.


March 2014

Bella Stevens

April 2014

 Maggie Rodewald


May 2014

Rosie Kieber

                 June 2014 

     Kimmie Kisses Kinder

July 2014

Addie Rose Black


August 2014

Moose Tighe