2014 -2015 Pet of the Month Winners



December 2014

Ruby Salanski

Sweet Ruby is a 6 1/2 year old, miniature Dachshund.  She came to her forever family in April of 2014.  Ruby had been in a puppy mill situation and was very skittish and shy.  She did not know what grass was, but soon she learned to love the feel of it, and now she likes to run in her backyard and roll in the grass (among other things) every day. 

 Her best friend is Two-Tooth Eddy, another miniature Dachshund rescue dog. He has been her sidekick for a year now and everyday Eddy takes care of Ruby because he realizes she is a tad bit fragile. 

Ruby is devoted to one toy, and that is her beloved squirrelly.  Each day before her supper she circles the kitchen island with him in her mouth and other times she circles the island with him just because.

Besides squirrelly, Ruby enjoys food, naps, her doggie cousins, naps, Eddy, naps, going outside, naps, her humans and naps!!!



March 2014

Bella Stevens


April 2014

 Maggie Rodewald



                       May 2014

Rosie Kieber

Rosie Kieber.JPG?1412260291530


              June 2014  

 Kimmie Kisses Kinder

Kimmie Kisses Kinder.JPG?1412260291640


July 2014

Addie Rose Black

Addie Rose and Flag.jpg?1412260291738


August 2014

Moose Tighe

moose tighe.PNG?1412260291796


September 2014

Sophie Yoho

Sophie Yoho.JPG?1412260291473


October 2014

Charlie Smith


November 2014

 Marli Rost