2014 -2015 Pet of the Month Winners



January 2015

Coco Estes

Coco is a 10 month old Shiba Inu. Her family first heard about this bread of dogs about a year ago. In Japan where they originated from they are known for both and watching the children while their masters cooked. They are very good herders which Coco definitely performs on her family daily. She starts her day by going outside to do her morning business. Coco's grandma lives next door and the minute you say grandma, Coco grabs her leash and jumps on the door. Coco does not bark very much however her owner has noticed she tries to whine talk. When her owner says grandma, she will whine the syllables. Coco has four dogie friends that live in fenced in yards surrounding grandma's yard and which ever dog you name she will look right at the particular dog.  Coco's owner finds it amazing when you tell her to do her business, she will squat and do her #2 right at that moment. Which is something coco's owner has never witnessed before.  By far the biggest highlight in Coco's day is spending time with her best friend, Corbin the families 10 year old son. They are simply the best of friends.  At the end of Coco's long day she walks by everyone's bedroom to make sure everyone is where they are suppose to be. She jumps on her owners bed for about five minutes of love and attention. Then she jumps down and normally lays in the hallway where she can guard everyone. There are so many wonderful things about Coco for her family to enjoy. They feel very lucky to have her as part of their family




March 2014

Bella Stevens


April 2014

 Maggie Rodewald



                       May 2014

Rosie Kieber

Rosie Kieber.JPG?1412260291530


              June 2014  

 Kimmie Kisses Kinder

Kimmie Kisses Kinder.JPG?1412260291640


July 2014

Addie Rose Black

Addie Rose and Flag.jpg?1412260291738


August 2014

Moose Tighe

moose tighe.PNG?1412260291796


September 2014

Sophie Yoho

Sophie Yoho.JPG?1412260291473


October 2014

Charlie Smith


November 2014

 Marli Rost 



December 2014

Ruby Salanski