2014 -2015 Pet of the Month Winners






October 2014

Charlie Smith


Charlie has brought such joy to his family. His mom and dad believe he is the sweetest little guy. People who don't believe animals show or feel love have missed out on a great experience because Charlie's parents believe they most certainly do. Charlie makes up his own games. One game he plays is fetch, he allows his mom and dad to take turns throwing the ball for him and he never forgets who's turn it is. Another game Charlie like to play is another form of fetch, Charlie piths up one of his stuffed toys and swings it when his mom or dad throws the ball, like he is trying to hit the ball with the toy. It is very comical. When he wants to play he will bring you the stuffed toy or ball and pull on your arm with his paws. Another thing that make Charlie special is he laughs when he is having fun. He makes a little huffing sound during wrestling, fetch or a good chase game. Charlie's mom and dad are constantly amazed with him and they are members of his pack and love him with all their hearts.




March 2014

Bella Stevens


April 2014

 Maggie Rodewald



            May 2014

Rosie Kieber

Rosie Kieber.JPG?1412260291530


              June 2014  

 Kimmie Kisses Kinder

Kimmie Kisses Kinder.JPG?1412260291640


July 2014

Addie Rose Black

Addie Rose and Flag.jpg?1412260291738


August 2014

Moose Tighe

moose tighe.PNG?1412260291796


September 2014

Sophie Yoho

Sophie Yoho.JPG?1412260291473