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Hi, my name is Buddy.  I am a 7 ½ year old Lab mix.  As you can see, I look like a golden, but I

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 am really a little on the light weight side.  I am the proud owner of two wonderful people named Bill and Bev.  OK…maybe I’m not their owner, but I do love them and they love me.  wasn't the easiest pup to take into their home.  You see, I originally was owned by 5 college girls who lived in a house together.  Now what you may not know is that living in this kind of environment is tough on an 8 week old puppy.  I never knew exactly what the rules were and most of the time I was either left to myself or teased by one of the many people (guys) coming and going to this house at the college.  When I was 6 months old, it was Christmas break and no one either wanted to take me home with them or maybe they couldn't.  Anyway, that’s how I ended up at my mom and dad’s home.  I had been to 3 other homes before finally someone asked them if they would be willing to take me.  Boy, was I lucky, because you see, I had this piddle issue – in other words, I would piddle whenever I got scared which was allot since I had really never had a stable home.  I was the typical puppy in that I loved to play, but I had been tricked and teased so much I didn't know how to trust.  It was hard on Mom probably the most because she was cleaning up my piddles the most.  I even went to the first level of obedience training, but I piddled while we practiced heeling!  I just hadn't learned about potty etiquette.  But Mom and Dad didn't give up on me.  Doc checked out my plumbing and everything was good, but then Mom learned about essential oils and we tried that and you know what?  They worked!  I am now calmer and have learned to let go of all those bad memories I have from my first 6 months.  Life is good! J                

Now, the thing I like to do best is to Ride!!!  I love to ride in the car no matter where we go, 

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and most of the time I get to go which is great. I am the perfect rider in the car or truck; you hardly know I am even in there.  Sometimes when we ride back East, Dad will say, “Is there a dog back there,” because I am soooo good. But I’m starting to hear those words, “it’s too hot for you to go,” and I don’t like that at all.  I have a fenced in yard, so I can chase my balls when Dad throws them to me, but I get tired faster now.  Must be the “over the hill” age thing.  I am really a good friend and “dog,” ‘cause Mom calls me her “sweet baby.”  I don’t bark (except if I hear an owl in the back yard at night), but I do howl when I hear the sirens of a fire truck or police car.  Mom says I raise my head up and let it go.  Pretty singing if you ask me!  Back to my good traits…I don’t get into the trash even though there are some good smelling stuff sometimes.  I have my own toys and they are all in my basket and even though I might have piddled allot when I got here, I have always known where my toys were and I don’t bother anything else.  Aren't I a good boy?  I do have a few things about me that are really different from other dogs and maybe it is because of my earlier years, but I don’t greet Mom and Dad when they come home.  I’m usually asleep on their bed…OK, I have 3 crates and 2 soft beds of my own, but I like theirs the best…and I wait until they come to either greet me or sometimes wake me up.  Mom says I won’t make much of a watch dog, but I watch…in my sleep.  Hehehe…  The other thing Mom and Dad say is different about me is that I don’t get them up in the morning.  

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Sometimes I am the last one up!!  Mom is up first and I stay in bed with Dad, but if he gets up too early, I just sleep in.  Kind of nice really, don’t you think?  I sleep at the foot of the bed and prop my head on the foot board; looks uncomfortable Mom says, but I like it.  Oh, yea, did I tell you how much I like to ride?  Well, let me tell you about how much I like to ride…what? …Mom says I have to stop talking so let me just say “thank you” to the folks at Green Hills Hospital for selecting me as the “Pet of the Month;” I am really quite honored and I do appreciate the treat bag they say I am getting, and I hate to sound ungrateful, but the bath and toe nail clipping “thing” – well, they can keep that gift. Oops… Mom and Dad say I’m keeping that one!  Those girls at the vet’s office are great and the doc isn't so bad either.  They all take very good care of me, not only for my shot appointments, but also when Mom and Dad go out of town and I spend the night.  So, to my canine friends, you ought to try going to Green Hills Veterinary Hospital, it’s not such a bad place; those humans are really nice.  If you can, come run with me in the backyard; we'll have a great time.  Otherwise, I’ll see you at the vet’s office!  


Pawing off…



Buddy, the “wonder” dog (‘cause Mom and Dad are still wondering about me. J)









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